Set of 7 nozzles


A set of 7 nozzles that fit all Marolex lances and sprayers.


It includes:


MR1.0 – green, with adjustable jet angle

MR1.5 – yellow, with adjustable jet angle

MR2.0 – red, with adjustable jet angle

MF1.5/80 – green, spray angle of 80 degrees

MF2/110 – yellow, spray angle of 110 degrees

MF4/45 – maroon, spray angle of 45 degrees

MF5/30 – brown, spray angle of 30 degrees

o-ring 11,x2,4





Symbol: A017.161 (Z09J7)
Single package: Blister
Collective packaging: 100 pcs
EAN: 5904235000697