02-02-2023 /
New product 2023 – Xpro

New product 2023 - Xpro

12-04-2019 /
A page from the calendar – APRIL in the cultivated garden

April means a little bit of winter and a little bit of summer! And that is why we should not go too far with work in the garden, in particular, as to uncovering plants protected for winter. Depending on the region of Poland, the April frosts and even heavy snowfalls are still possible. However, on the other hand, April (Polish: kwiecień) owes its name to flowering, therefore let us rejoice in spring and go to the gardens!

11-04-2019 /
To heal the garden or to heal by the garden?

Horticulture is certainly a state of mind and far more than work or even passion. The happily growing awareness of people who look at the world through green spectacles allows us to perceive the garden very widely and even holistically. And while the garden companies, such as our one, concentrate on "healing" the garden, improving its condition and presentation, it is worth mentioning a more and more popular subject of healing by the garden, i.e. horticultural therapy.